Now that some time has passed since the fight between Floyd "Money" Mayweather and YouTuber Logan Paul, Vegas411 dives into claims that the fight was fixed

Look. We know many boxing fans are adamant that the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul was fixed. But those fans seem to forget the context of the matchup. The fight was never sanctioned by an official boxing organization, didn't take place with an official referee, and was advertised as an exhibition. If nothing else, this starts to blur the line between reality and fiction and makes this decision a little bit harder to call.

Unfortunately for those that believe the fight was fixed, their argument pretty much falls flat here. For those who don't know, an exhibition is defined in the dictionary as a public display of works of art or items of interest or a display or demonstration of a particular skill. So how can someone fix an exhibition fight? 

A big talking point is that Paul and Mayweather were in the clinch for most of the fight, which some feel was a way for the two to run out the clock and get a good outcome for both parties.

What if that was true, though? What if this exhibition did have a predetermined outcome? It was a show!  A show, by its very nature, doesn't have to reflect reality. Fans should have known that this wouldn't be a fight when it wasn't sanctioned by a professional boxing organization. If Mayweather and Paul were to really square off, Mayweather would put Paul down in seconds. 

Image source: Facebook